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DISCLAIMER: Nothing mentioned in this article should be considered financial advice. You should be prepared to lose some or all of the money you invest in these projects as they can be highly volatile.

Crypto, NFTs, Bitcoin and Ethereum — these are all terms you've probably heard in the news or in conversation in recent times. But what are they and can you make money from them?

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The world of cryptocurrency can sometimes feel like a Christopher Nolan movie: It’s loud, fast-paced and really hard to follow, but in the end you’re entertained and invigorated.

Blockchain, Bitcoin, NFTs…what does it all mean?!

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The sudden rise of the meme cryptocurrency known as Dogecoin is now to thank for putting hundreds and even thousands of dollars into investors' pockets.

One investor, who remains anonymous, seems to have won big after the currency's value shot up nearly 400% in the past week, but they decided to do some good at Florida's Halifax Humane Society with their earnings.

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Cryptocurrencies continue to rise in popularity as more companies start accepting them as forms of payment.  

Mark Cuban and his NBA team, the Dallas Mavericks, have been accepting cryptocurrencies for nearly two years, but they are now the first organization to allow fans to use the meme-themed cryptocurrency known as Dogecoin to buy tickets and merchandise.

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