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cuffing season

When cuffing season comes around all the singles rejoice! It's a time to finally prepare yourself for possible commitment and get over your summer hoe phase!

But in reality, is cuffing season really effective, or is it just largely romanticized. For singletons, even cuffing season doesn't bear opportunity to ask your cute crush out and live out a fall romance straight out of the movies. So here are some of the expectations we normally have of cuffing season versus what actually goes down!

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Hey you, congratulations, you've made it to December! Despite what this past season and/or school semester may have thrown at you, you've managed to make it through alive. As you hand in those final papers for the semester, you might already be thinking of how to treat yourself to some fun this weekend.

Well, we can't think of a better way to celebrate the end of a tough week than with the following recommendations we've got listed for you below! Cheers!

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"What the f*ck is cuffing season?" 

If you're like us, that was probably your first reaction to the now widely (oddly) popular term. But what's just as surprising as the fact that you can now easily define a season by a part of a shirt sleeve? The fact that you definitely already know what cuffing season is, you just never knew the name.

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Just because summer is almost over doesn't mean the cute date ideas have to come to a halt.  There are constantly new events, festivals, and restaurants popping up all over the city, which means never ending date possibilities.

Although, dating can get pricey.  Which is why I have compiled a list of 30 dates that will cost you 30 dollars or less in Toronto.

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With chilly weather comes cuffing season. If you have actually been talking to a Toronto guy for a while now, there is a good possibility he may want to and be ready to settle down. Now that fall is here, turtlenecks are in and bikinis are out. With that in mind, he might not want to leave the house to score anymore and doesn't want to spend every weekend roaming the club scene in search of a bae.

However, being single with the start of cuffing season is a different story. Guys who haven't talked to you in months will randomly text you out of the blue and suddenly want to chill. As tempting as it might be to welcome the season of cuddling with a Breaking Bad marathon next to a Toronto cutie remember, it's too little too late. No matter how cold it gets or how badly you wish you had someone to snuggle with, don't forget he is also the guy who ghosted you in the past. Grab a blanket and a bottle of wine if the fall winds are too cold for you.

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