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To make sure you get your Tim Hortons Roll Up To Win prizes now that the game is over, you'll have to reveal and redeem them before certain dates or else they'll be gone forever.

Editor's Choice: You're Not A True Ontarian If You Haven't Tried At Least 8 Of These 14 Popular Foods

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Is this the year? It looks like Canadians are super optimistic about the hockey playoffs coming up in May and think that Canada will bring home the Stanley Cup!  

In fact, 57% of Canadians believe that a team from the True North will reign supreme on the ice, a survey by Narrative Research found.

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Le mois de mars 2021 tire à sa fin et il a amené avec lui des assouplissements aux mesures sanitaires ainsi que du beau temps qui te permettent de profiter à fond du printemps. Si tu te demandes quoi faire ce week-end à Montréal, voici quelques idées qui devraient te combler. 

Fini les week-ends d'hiver à rester confiné à la maison, il y a des activités et événements excitants qui débarquent en ville et qui méritent d'y jeter un coup d'oeil. 

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You don't need a crystal ball to find out your future. Toronto's S'Cream Turkish coffee readings will reveal your fortune just by looking into your cup.

Located in Yorkville, the family-run cafe offers traditional Turkish coffee readings that will tell you something about your past, present, or future.

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Instant noodles just got an insane makeover thanks to the new Patois Cup Noodle in Toronto.

Created by Patois and Bar Mignonette, the limited-edition Night Market Cup Noodle is being sold this week only, and it will transport you to a drool-worthy food festival.

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