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You don't have to be driving through High Park in a car to get a speeding ticket, these days — instead, the Toronto Police Service (TPS) has been penalizing cyclists who are breaking the rules.

TPS told Narcity via email that it has received a "significant" number of complaints regarding cyclists travelling around High Park at too high a speed, and it is now working with city bylaw officers to set up in the park and catch rule-breakers.

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If you live in Toronto, chances are you've encountered more than your fair share of chaotic streets and gridlock.

We asked Narcity readers to share the worst Toronto intersections with us. Whether you're a pedestrian, cyclist, or driver, anyone who's navigated through these tough spots can totally relate.

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Photo cred - Emad Gazipura

A Colorado University professor has come out in defense of Toronto cyclists, and in particular, in defense of the choices of some to run red lights, and past stop signs. He explains that from his perspective, cyclists are under harsher scrutiny than people who use other modes of transportation.

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