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If you look out your window this month, don't be frightened if you spot a bunch of red robes. 

Handmaid's Tale has started filming in parts of Ontario again and it's transforming the province into Gilead. 

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Recently, IKEA Canada Plant Balls were announced with the promise that they are perfect for meat lovers. 

The Swedish furniture company claims that this new vegetarian offering has the same taste and texture as the regular meatballs they are known for serving in their in-store restaurants. 

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Thanks to a global study we know how Canadians spend their time on a daily basis as well as what we do during that precious time up in the north. 

Data was collected from daily activities surveys over several years from all over the world, and released by Our World In Data in December 2020. 

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One of Toronto's most iconic shopping streets has come up with a new way to support local businesses. 

The Queen Street West giveaway, #LoveonQueen, is running throughout the month of February, and it's offering daily gift vouchers to stores in the area.

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It's no surprise that COVID-19 daily cases in Canada have been on the rise lately but looking at the graph about it shows how steep that rise has been.

On December 11, the Public Health Agency of Canada put out new data and modelling which includes information about how the case counts have changed.

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