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Imagine grabbing a drink on the first floor and then going up to the second floor and grabbing another drink. Then imagine making your way up to the fourth floor to have another drink. Well stop imagining and do it because Dallas just opened a new 4-story playground that has a bar on each level!

Bowlski's is Dallas' newest bowling lounge. But it gets better! Not only does Bowlski's have a bowling alley, it also houses a plethora of other entertaining activities!

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Sip and swim, can your poolside Labor Day get better than that in Dallas? The answer is most likely no! There's only two more days till you're on your way (far away from work) to a long, Labor Day weekend. This year the only place you need to be is poolside and Waterproof might just be the spot to gather your best gals and guys.

Waterproof is the 19th floor rooftop pool at The Statler, and it's stunning. There's tons of rooftop pools in Dallas but this one isn't just a pool. Pool bar by day and rooftop lounge by night, you can truly get your drink on all day long. Talk about getting the best pics for #LaborDay2019. It's also free and sports one of the best views of downtown Dallas.

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Although Halifax is one of the smaller cities in Canada, it surprisingly has had a massive celebrity presence. Athletes, politicians, musicians and artists alike attended some of the universities in Halifax and have gone out into the world to pursue careers and amazing goals.

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Halifax is home to a lot of universities considering how small it is, therefore making it the perfect university City.  Students come from all over the world come to Nova Scotia for the awesome post-secondary programs and laid back east coast lifestyle. Many end up staying after graduation because they love it so much!

University is a great time in your life because you're bordering on leaving home and going out into "The Real World"...which I think we can all agree is terrifying.  We decided we'd make a list of things you have to do in Halifax before you enter into the real world, so grab a friend or two and check them off before you're standing there in your black gown wondering if you YOLO'd enough over the last four years.

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There’s a reason why Halifax has such a gigantic student body, and it’s not just because of all the bars.  The HRM has a ton of post-secondary institutions for students from all over the world to choose from, each offering a huge variety of courses and disciplines that appeal to a wide range of interests.

Whether you’re looking to begin an undergrad in engineering, or pursue your love of photography, there’s a university/college in Halifax that has the perfect program for you.  And what better way to explore Canada’s east coast than by spending a couple years studying out here?

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