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St. Francis Xavier is the top party school in Canada, and thankfully for Dalhousie students we're only an hour and a half away from the little town of Antigonish. For a University that pretty much has less then half a dozen bars it's almost hard to believe that X has such a reputation... But after one visit I'm sure you'll understand. 

If you go to Dalhousie University, you are definitely aware of our lack of school spirit, and poor support for our sports teams. That's why homecoming in Halifax is almost like any other Saturday. The only difference is that you wake up a little earlier than you would to go to Splitties and wear some Dal apparel. 

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There are so many different Universities and Colleges in Halifax, it's hard to believe that people over the age of 30 actually live in this city as well.

The population of Halifax is literally twice as large during the school year then it is during the summer. That's all thanks to the numerous students running around Halifax trying to figure out how to balance school, sleep and a social life. Halifax is the definition of a student city. Any student that lives here, knows how hard it can be to find a pack of Mr. Noodles at the grocery store when they go on sale. Despite the fact that we all have the same taste in minimal effort meals and cheap food, there are a number of differences between us when it comes to the type of student that we are.

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Every university has a few things that only students that attend that school will understand. When it comes to Dal, that limit really does not exist.

As a Dal student, I'm sure you've tried to explain something that seems super normal to you to a non-Dal student only to have them question what kind of random academic institution you attend. But at the end of the day it's hard not love Dal.

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Once you get accepted into university, you underestimate how much you need to know before you arrive in September, especially if you're moving to a new city. Moving to Halifax and coming to Dalhousie you realize there's a lot more to school than sporting events, drinking, and classes.

Dalhousie offers its student's so many many opportunities and experience. But some students, like myself, may not know about the many societies and events Dal offers to its students each year. Below is a list of the things I wish I had learned before coming to Dal.

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For the past little while a group of dedicated individuals have been compiling the most outrageous things they hear on Dal campus, sharing these conversation snippets with a Facebook group called Overheard At Dal that has close to six thousand likes – so clearly the material is pretty good!

We went through the last few years’ worth of posts to find the funniest moments Dalhousie students have eavesdropped on.  Read through and find out if any of these golden quotes came from you!

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