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We've officially entered the season where dating starts to get real fun again. Not that we aren't fans of Netflix & Chill marathons but truthfully, those get kind of boring after a while and summer doesn't do boring. It's time to switch your dating game up and show your girl how much fun it is to be with you. 

And if you're feeling stuck on how exactly you're going to crank up the fun meter in your relationship, don't you worry, I got you. From sunset gazing to music festivals, you're about to have the best summer yet with your ultimate partner in crime.

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Here's a list of 18 things to do with your girlfriend this summer in Regina. Pssst, she's gonna love you for this. 

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There's a reason why winter is called cuffing season. The temperature drops well below zero, hermit mode ensues and the singles of the summer get into coupling mode. With coupling mode, comes a whole lot of nights spent spooning each other, ordering in food, and binge watching Netflix.

As comforting as that sounds, it can get pretty boring if it becomes your routine every single weekend. I call it catching the winter woes; a state which is hard to avoid given the nature of Saskatchewan winters. But try a few of these fun winter date ideas and you just might find yourself warming up to winter after all.

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