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School is in session and it's time to revive your caffeine addiction. Sometimes you just need that extra boost of coffee and a chill, public environment to work in so you don't end up taking a 10-hour nap on your bed right behind your desk at home.

Now of course atmosphere and snackage are super important in finding the perfect coffee shop to study at, but nothing sucks more than being in the zone and having your laptop at 3% and not being able to find an outlet available. Or even worse, buying a coffee expecting to study for a few hours only to realize there's no wifi.

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Dating in Toronto is a task when you are so busy, and all you do is go to work, grab food and go back home. But in a city with so many potential baes around you, the possibilities are endless.

So what's your best bet? It would be going to a spot that interests both you and a potential boo thang, as well as providing a fun setting for either one of you to make a move. Without too much blaring loud music, space to talk and hang out, and an atmosphere that won't let you lose sight of your potential soulmate, these spots in Toronto are ideal for you depending on whatever you're into!

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It's that time of year Toronto! Summerlicious is back and better than ever. From July 7th to 23rd 2017, 200 Toronto restaurants offer three-course prix fixe lunch and dinner menus at lower prices, allowing us Torontonians to play 'food critic' for a day. 

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