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Toronto is a big city with a massive array of spots and activities that are perfect for every kind of couple in the city. Whether you and your partner and more reserved and want a low key night, wild and out-going or somewhere in between, there is guaranteed to be something both you and your partner will enjoy!

Though it's clear that there are some specific dates that a lot of couples in Toronto enjoy, seeing as they are constantly popping up on Instagram. So if you have done these dates already and are looking for something new, or haven't and are just looking for something a little more off the beaten path, read on! 

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Dating in the city is hard, especially once you actually get into a relationship and realize that everything that seems like the perfect date comes with a hefty price tag. Lucky for you (and your bf/gf!) though, there are some cheap hacks that will make for an amazing date night that won't leave you as broke as you already are! Like they always say, the best things in like are free! 

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