dating in edmonton

A woman who is getting lots of attention on TikTok and Instagram for her honest reviews of men's dating profiles is now targeting a new Canadian city.

After 15 years of being in relationships, Sherri Dru, 41, from Alberta, started posting about her experiences using Facebook Dating and Hinge in Edmonton around a week ago.

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Edmonton men are generally amazing! And I know there’s exceptions to this-- but for the most part, the guys here are truly great. So, as part of your quest for knowledge and truth, you may be wondering what evidence can be given for why they’re such awesome partners? And, is there really any evidence at all?

Well folks, based on my scientific research lofty and loose connections written purely for your entertainment purposes…these are some of the reasons why Edmonton men make the best husbands/boyfriends/partners etc.

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Dates are supposed to be fun (although some of them are ?)! But maybe…just maybe, we want to step outside the usual dinner/movie option. Not that it isn’t a great option (because food = love), but even if you are grabbing food, you can always add a unique element to the mix to change things up.

Luckily for you Edmontonians, there are many other fun things you can do while enjoying time with your significant other. So I’ve come up with a few ideas that will help you win over their hearts, and make them love you forever and ever. Note: It also really helps to be a good person. I’ve heard that's important in maintaining a healthy relationship too.

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