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When it comes to cocktails, we say the bigger, the better! If you are searching for the best caesars in Vancouver, we know just the spot. Score on Davie sells boozy beverages so massive, you'll need a friend to help finish it.

The towering beverage might be popular in Toronto, but it's from Vancouver, and the first one ever was made here on Davie Street in 2014.

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Famous Montreal Chocolate Cafe "Cacao 70" was a grand slam the moment they opened. They littered our Instagram and Snapchat feeds and filled our hearts (with chocolate of course). They're far from finished though, as they continue to expand their chocolate empire. 

The East Coast-based chain is expanding with not one, not two, but three new locations in Vancouver. Not only that, but they'll be introducing two new concepts to these locations. 

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There's always a new, crazy, and happening trend in food - and Vancouver is usually one of the first to hear about it! From acai bowls, to putting sushi into burrito and taco form, we've seen it all. 

The latest trend that's blowing up is all black everything. Activated charcoal and something about it being good for you, who knows - all you know is that it looks dope in your Instagram story. 

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You heard it here first! West End Games Night is coming back one more time in August before the Summer comes to a close! What does this mean? More sun, more music, more games, and more chances to swipe the coveted bragging rights from your friends! 

Their last games night, which took place on July 27, was a huge hit with close to 1000 participants occupying the square during the event! 

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It's summer. It's sunny and warm and an unreal time to do things outside. But maybe you're a little too boozed out from last weekend. Or maybe you're in the mood to just hang out with friends and casually sip craft beer without the bar setting. Maybe you're in a competitive mood and want to crush your friends in any board game they choose. Yes. Definitely the latter. 

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