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TikTok life hacks have done wonders for people, from teaching us the right way to open a ketchup packet to helpful travel hacks for our future trips, but some hacks are arguably borderline weird.

The most recent TikTok tip to take the app by a storm is the broccoli hack that user @steph2302 (Stephanie) posted, which has accumulated over 15 million views and ignited a fierce debate among commenters.

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After the second U.S. Presidential debate, 'move to Canada' was Googled so much that the search saw another surge of online interest.

On October 22, Donald Trump and Joe Biden faced off on issues like climate change, COVID-19, immigration, foreign interference in US elections and national security.

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A star was born last night at the Vice Presidential Debate between Senator Kamala Harris and Vice President Mike Pence...and it was not either one of them, actually.

It was simply a fly that landed on Mike Pence's head who became the darling of the VP debate (a title that has never been had before) and of the internet itself.

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Should high-performing students who obtain excellent grades throughout the year be granted exemptions from exams? Such was the question addressed by professors and students in a Reddit thread earlier this year.

An online user under the alias mathhelpguy started the thread with a scenario:

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