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The Super Bowl is quickly approaching but the COVID-19 pandemic is ongoing, which is why several companies have decided to change things up for this year's ads.

For the first time in 37 years, Budweiser has decided to forego its traditional Super Bowl airtime, and instead run a new advertisement focusing on COVID-19 vaccines throughout the entire week leading up to the big game.

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While changing your clock twice a year has become normal for Ontarians, it hasn't always been a thing. 

In fact, Ontario's daylight saving time was first introduced over 100 years ago in the small city of Port Arthur. 

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There’s no question about it — the pandemic has changed the rental and housing market in Toronto and beyond. With people working from home, there is less reason to be close to the downtown area. Some residents have decided to move farther away, where they can have more space for less money.

According to The Financial Post, tons of city-dwellers are leaving Toronto behind, and it’s causing a ripple effect in smaller municipalities.

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