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Although New Year's Eve in Canada for 2020 looks different than usual, the prime minister still thinks that we deserve to celebrate "after the year we've had."

Before the celebrations began, Justin Trudeau shared his thoughts about the end of 2020 and ringing in the new year in a series of tweets.

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One Toronto woman turned her sexual assault into a healing initiative focusing on forgiveness, and the project is sort of hilariously called FYou.

FYou: The Forgiveness Project is the community outreach non-profit Tara Muldoon founded. Through it, she works with at-risk and gang-involved men in Toronto jails. As the FYou website explains, through workshops, conversation, and by teaching them conflict-resolution strategies, she helps them unpack their own trauma and reduce the likelilood that they'll re-offend.* 

It can seem a little counter-intuitive that a woman who was subjected to a sexual assault is turning her efforts not towards other survivors, but to men in prison. Narcity asked Muldoon to tell us what she was thinking.

Editor's Choice: Ford Is Set To Announce Closures In Other Parts Of The GTA On Monday

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There are some people that treat themselves daily, and others who wait months before they feel like they deserve it. We all deserve to treat ourselves, and we don't have to break the bank to do it. 

There definitely shouldn't be a limit on treating yourself, however you can totally do it with just a few bucks. And besides, you won't feel guilty with any of these! You deserve it, and need to focus on yourself for once. So here are 12 things to treat yourself to for under $25 in Ottawa. 

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