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Social media. It's a huge part of all of our lives now, even though we don't want to admit it. We wake up and the first thing we do is check our phones and all of our social medias. What did I miss the 7 hours I was sleeping? Did I seriously dream that my BFF unfollowed me on Instagram? What a bitch.

It became clear to me after a while that I would pick up my phone and scroll through Instagram whenever I felt bored, bad, sad, happy, on edge, anxious, etc. And for a while I thought "What would I do without Instagram?!" like it was the source to all of my happiness. Yet, not to sound dramatic, it actually made me feel bad about myself. I found it hard to work through the day without wondering what I was missing on there, and when I did post I felt obligated to sit by my phone and keep checking if it got past 11 likes. Realistically, who gives a shit? I did and I hated that.

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Toronto is filled with beautiful women. Everyone looks like a fashion influencer with at least 19.3k followers on Twitgrambookchat. But as the temperature continues to drop, we need to stay on top of the increasing amount of (wind-shield) factors that are affecting the way we look and to make sure our lifestyle and overall health are balanced so as to keep on thriving!

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Depuis que j'occupe un poste de rédactrice web, je me suis rendu compte que je passe la majorité de mon temps devant un écran. Quand je n'étais plus au bureau sur mon portable, je l'étais devant mon téléphone cellulaire. J'ai comme l'impression que je me dois d'être connectée aussi souvent à cause de mon travail. Mais si c'était juste une excuse?

Je suis persuadée que je ne suis pas la seule qui vit cette relation avec les réseaux sociaux. Certains sont pires que moi, d'autres moins. Avec la fin d'année qui arrive (oui oui, désolée de péter ta bulle), je fais une rétrospective et j'en suis venue à la conclusion que je serais peut-être du pour une détox de réseaux sociaux.

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Summer is the relaxing time of year. We spend our time on the beach, hang out with our friends and enjoy the exceptional summer days in Vancouver. For girls, going to the beach also means getting that beach body into the best shape so you can show off your new bikini.

Although I hate this body shape competition, we all grow up in a society that teaches us all what REALLY matters is how you look. Some girls are keen to starve themselves to get the most incredible body-shape for summer. Although I don't believe in weigh-lost dieting, I do think cleansing diets can help you feel better in your body. And in the end, that's whats most important.

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This crazy health obsessed world of ours is constantly telling us what we absolutely need to be doing in order to stay fit and healthy. It's hard to stay on top of it all, which is why I'm here to help clear some of the stuff off of your plate.

It's time to bust the bullshit on some of the stuff  we've been wasting our time on - here are 17  so-called 'healthy' habits and trends that are not actually good for you.

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