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As we reach the end of a challenging year, Canadians welcome the holidays as a much needed opportunity to rejoice and be merry with their quarantine families while enjoying the familiar and comforting flavours of a home-cooked feast.

For the past several months, technology has enabled us to stay connected. Whether it was through texting, videoconferences for work, happy hours, online workouts or simply browsing the web, technology has helped us maintain a certain semblance of normality.

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Hate having to touch a door handle immediately after washing your hands? You’re not the only one.

This handy (yes, handy) device was spotted in the washroom at the Winners store at the Stock Yards Village mall in Toronto. An employee was able to confirm they do have a device meeting this description.

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Canada's largest airport has a new gadget to keep your devices germ-free.

Toronto Pearson now has machines that will sanitize your cellphone, camera, or tablet in under 20 seconds.

The device also sanitizes your hands while your electronics are inside.

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With cases back on the rise across the country, Canada's COVID-19 testing capacity is more important than ever. It may have just received a helpful boost, though. The government has approved a new device that can deliver results in less than two hours.

The bCUBE, developed by U.K. biotechnology company Hyris and distributed by Songbird Life Science in Guelph, Ontario, is a portable and compact machine that can be used anywhere. It can also provide test results in 90 minutes.

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