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After just one date, a French man in the U.S. has decided that American women are not for him, and TikTok had plenty to say about the issues that drove him to that conclusion.

Actor and TikToker Renan Pacheco decided to share his first date "disaster" with followers on the platform, and the hilarious video has already climbed over 18.3 million views.

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Whether they've been vegan for years or have just begun to dip their toes into this exciting culinary realm, many Canadians are increasingly looking for simple and delicious plant-based alternatives to add to their diet. As a fun, tasty, and versatile way to eat, it's also way more accessible than you might think. And when it comes to taste, there's zero need to sacrifice. 

With products like plant-based proteins and Hellmann's Vegan, adjusting to a vegan lifestyle can be pretty straightforward.

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Twitter is losing it over the fact that Donald Trump apparently had a Diet Coke button on his desk in the Oval Office that he could press whenever he wanted a refreshment.

Many also noticed that President Biden removed said button from the desk when he took over and revamped the Oval Office.

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We have all heard of #IIFYM before. IIFYM stands for 'if it fits your macros'. If you're one of the few that haven't heard of that, it's a lifestyle where you have a set amount of macros for the day where you can fit in whatever you want, just as long as you hit your fat, protein, and carbs pretty perfectly. And if you're new to this, macros are, you guessed it, fat, protein, and carbs. Micros are the nutrients found in food. It's confusing, but it's important to know. 

It's also important to know that everyone needs a different amount of fat, protein, and carbs. Some people believe their bodies work better on a vegan, high-carb diet and some believe theirs work better on a high-fat, low-carb diet called the ketogenic diet. Fat, protein, and carbs all do something different for our bodies. Healthy fats keep us lean and full, protein is also great to keep us full and to build and repair muscles, and carbs are great for energy. 

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The Kardashians/Jenner's are known for having insane bodies. From Kim's unreal hips to Khloé's rock hard abs, it's not a surprise that good genes run in the family. And the oldest of them all, Kourtney, is a prime example that you can actually look better the more you age. Please let me have her luck!

The mom of 3 is probably the least busy out of all the sisters, of course not including her mom duties. However, she is seen on random trips with friends all the time where she's gallivanting around in her bathing suit. I mean, I would too if I had her body. 

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