The second week of Big Brother Canada Season 9 has officially come to an end and, with that, we've said goodbye to another houseguest. Fair warning, spoilers lie ahead. 

In an interview with Narcity, the evicted houseguest told us about their struggles in the house. 

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The Department of National Defence has confirmed that a Canadian soldier was killed during a training exercise in Alberta.

In a statement shared on October 31, the department said that “a Canadian Army soldier has died as the result of a gunshot wound.”

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I'm a sucker for an almost-relationship. Don't ask me why, but for some reason I always find myself falling back into the same, dating pattern. Girl likes boy, boy likes girl. They're friends, more than friends, and then...they stay there. In a weird limbo between dating and pals, where feelings are caught, romantics are felt, all without titles or responsibilities of a normal relationship.

This is what I call an almost-relationship. "We had a thing," you say, not knowing what to categorize a relationship where you never kissed, but joked about getting married a little too often to be taken as funny.

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