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We all love Toronto, but let's face it, we all need a little break from the Six every now and then. We might have our rivalries with Montreal, but a quick trip to the 514 is always a good time, and with spring finally getting started, there really is no better time to visit. Especially when Digital Spring just so happens to be in full swing!

Wait, you've never heard of Digital Spring? Allow us to enlighten you.

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Now that temperatures are on the rise and the winter grind is finally losing its downer vibe, we can go outside again Toronto! And while there are so many things going on in the T-dot, it's also nice to get out of the city once in a while, especially when it involves festivals dedicated to mind-blowing and brain-altering music and visual arts.

We already told you about Digital Spring happening right now in Montreal until June 21, and if you haven't gone to check it out yet, seriously what the eff are you waiting for?! Alright, so you've been busy, we'll let it slide, but if you consider yourself any kind of electronic music fan, a little road trip to the 514 is most cetainly in order.

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As North America's capital of digital arts, it's no surprise that Montreal ranks 3rd for video game production and 4th as a visual arts leader in the world. After all, it's home to major studios like Ubisoft and Warner Brothers Interactive, and is responsible for some of the best titles on the market, including a plethora of up-and-coming indie developers creating the addictive games we just can't get enough of.

That's why, if you are a fan of stunning visuals and immersive experiences, Montreal's Digital Spring will blow your mind!

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Photo cred - C2Montreal

There's definitely no shortage of awesome things to do in Toronto at any given time of the year, but as the weather turns warm, it's nice to escape the 416 once in a while and indulge in the outstanding events in the 514 for a memorable weekend (or two).

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Photo cred - Mikaël Theimer of Portraits de/of Montreal

We like to hate on Montreal quite a bit, but we can’t deny that once in a while, they host some pretty awesome events. Since the warm weather is (please god) just around the corner, and there sadly won’t be any more Leaf hockey left to boo, it’s time to hit the open road for some good times with your friends, and yes, Montreal is the destination.

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