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If you like your dinner with a side of the unusual, then hold onto your hats because a number of quirky interactive dining experiences are coming to Canada this year.

Whether you're a fan of good 'ol fairytales or, well, being flipped off by employees, there's a little something out there for everyone.

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Boasting over 13,000 kilometres of coastline, Nova Scotia is quite literally surrounded by the sea. But Canada's east coast isn't only a sight to behold, it also has exceptional dining experiences to go along with it.

With the convenience and luxury of urban living in close proximity to the serenity of nature, Nova Scotia boasts some once-in-a-lifetime culinary experiences that make discovering the province a treat.

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It's no secret that Atlanta restaurants like to be over the top with their menu items & amenities for their guests, especially around the holidays. One trend that was a hit last season was the opportunity to enjoy bites and booze in an igloo. This cool restaurant in Atlanta will be bringing them back soon for another year of unique dining experiences.

Publico Atlanta is not only known for their Latin cuisine and pineapple drinks, but they are also known for their igloos they break out during the colder, fall/winter months. Since the igloos are geometric domes that are supposed to keep you warm, they are not put out until the weather decides to cool down. 

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