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You can feel like a kid again with this new Easter dessert in Toronto

COPS Doughnuts has teamed up with Taste Toronto to create the Dip n' Drizzle Hot Box, which comes with three dozen mini doughnuts and Dunkaroo-inspired dip.

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The sweet results are in! Canada's most ordered Tim Hortons donuts of 2020 have been revealed. There are major differences from region to region, but one treat reigns supreme across the country.

The coffee chain has put out stats on the donuts and coffees that have been ordered the most throughout the year.

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It's official, the most ordered Tim Hortons donuts and coffees throughout this year have been revealed and your go-to probably made the cut.

The top orders of 2020 were consistent across all of Canada in terms of coffee but the country is pretty divided when it comes to the most popular donut.

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So many Timbits, so little time! Tim Hortons' Timbits are a Canadian staple but with a number of different flavours available, I found myself wondering which one is actually the best. 

One of the first things I learned in this taste test is that all Tim Hortons are not created equal and the variety of flavours offered at your local coffee shop may vary. That's why this ranking is missing flavours like Sour Cream Glazed or that powdered jelly-filled one. 

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Us Texans love our Japanese cuisine. Ask anyone in the Lone Star State and they'll agree that Ramen Tatsu-ya, among other Japanese restaurants, are some of their favorites. The popular Ramen Tatsu-ya has many locations across Austin and the owners have opened bars and other restaurants as well. Now, a Japanese ice cream shop is the newest addition to the Tatsu-ya family and the names of each ice cream alone is enough to get us excited. 

On Saturday, September 14, the doors to DipDipDip Ice Cream are finally opening to ice cream lovers everywhere. Though this ice cream has a bit of a twist to it, ingredients like caramel-chocolate-shiitake mushroom, pickled blueberry gel, and plum jam are used to send your tastebuds on an adventure. Plus, the cones are hand-dipped mochiko cones! If you're more of a cup guy or gal, they'll have those as well. 

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