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There is so much unique Canadian food to discover across the country if you look beyond butter tarts or Nanaimo bars and each province brings its own special dishes to the table. 

Here are foods from all 10 provinces that you need to try at least once in your life.

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One of the most Canadian festivals ever is coming up, and you can enjoy it from your home.

Toronto's La Poutine Week, presented by Saputo, is happening from February 1 to 7, 2021, and there are so many crazy creations to try.

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Every different region of the U.S. has foods that are normal for the area, but seem crazy and weird to the rest of the country.  Well, the South is no exception. 

We rounded up 13 dishes from the South that will make your friends from out of town scratch their heads when they visit. 

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Another Canadian Thanksgiving is here, and that means it's time to revisit Jagmeet Singh's signature dish: Punjabi poutine.

The NDP leader once again shared his personal recipe on Instagram and addressed the fact that this year the holiday is very different.

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It seems like every Sunday morning after a rough night, all you want are some pancakes. Pancakes are essentially the best comfort food in the world, and you can't deny it. It brings you right back to your childhood, especially if it has chocolate chips in it.

Now that we're grown up, we look for the finer things in life. Like pancakes that are whole wheat, or that are so fancy we must Instagram them. Good thing for you, I've put in a mix of both so you can have your (pan)cakes and eat it too. So here are 10 best restaurants in Ottawa you need to go to if you really love pancakes. Because who doesn't, right?

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