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Hope is on the horizon as vaccine doses continue to be administered nearly one year into the COVID-19 pandemic.

On Monday, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) released their first set of health recommendations for fully vaccinated people, and they offer just a slice of normal life.

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Keep your masks handy, Torontonians, because the city is looking at extending its physical distancing and mask bylaws for a few more months.

The temporary bylaws were set to expire at the beginning of February, but now Toronto wants to extend them until at least June 2021.

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As Ontario's COVID-19 cases climb, some Toronto transit users are becoming frustrated with the lack of social distancing on buses, streetcars and the subway.

Recommendations for social distancing and stay-at-home orders are still in place in Toronto, and yet, transit remains crowded. 

Torontonians have taken to social media to share what they've seen.

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As Toronto's transit routes continue to see packed buses, customer service reps are now telling people that physical distancing on the TTC will "no longer be possible."

The statement came in response to a Twitter user's photo of a full bus in which passengers were standing shoulder to shoulder. 

After asking how people are supposed to be distancing in this situation, the TTC responded that passengers should get off the bus. 

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As the number of people testing positive for COVID-19 continues to climb, Dr. Theresa Tam has issued a statement about celebrating Thanksgiving in Canada this year.

As the country’s total number of COVID-19 cases surpassed 165,000, Chief Public Health Officer Dr. Tam admitted “the carefree planning” we had last Thanksgiving is not going to happen this year.

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