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Imagine no guest list. No sparklers or elitism. Just good times, good drinks and most importantly - incredible snacks. 

The Libertine is launching a brand new accompaniment to your favourite liquors - amazing imported snacks and alcohols. From Pocky sticks and Flaming Hot Cheetos to Fourth of July Oreos and Trix. The bar's also offering up unexpected, but welcome chasers, like Arizona Iced Tea and limited edition pop-favourites. 

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Any Toronto Native knows that there are millions of spots in the city that give it its great nightlife reputation. Any Toronto native also knows that these select spots are a strict tourist-free zone.

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If you're a bit of a picky music snob, you know full well that going out with your squad can either be hella lit...or a complete bust depending on whether you liked the music or not. Okay, and yeah, the crowd too.

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British Columbia has often been considered the best province for scuba diving and is among North America's better dive destinations. The water may be a little chilly, but what lies beneath the surface is an entirely new world, teeming with life and crawling with opportunity to really explore BC. Of the many amazing dive sites across the province, shipwrecks always standout as especially entrancing due to their extraneous nature. There is just something so creepy, yet incredibly captivating about seeing what so clearly belongs above water resting peacefully on the sea floor.

BC has numerous diveable wrecks, but some of the more popular ones make up what is know as the “Wreck Trek.” These underwater playgrounds are absolutely spectacular so I encourage anyone looking for a new adventure to embark down this exhilarating path. Getting your scuba certifications is so much fun and having the ability to breath underwater is truly one of the coolest experiences a human can have. For those of you who already scuba, these wrecks should definitely be on your list and to those entertaining the idea of getting gills – do it! You'll have a few courses to take at Ocean Quest before making it to these wrecks, but every dive is wonderful and now you know what waits for you down the road.

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This summer, don't get stuck in a rut constantly doing the same old things day in and day out. Netflix and chill is no longer acceptable and lets be real, it was never really that cool to begin with. So instead of boring each other to death, head out into the beautiful world of BC and discover the hair-raising, nail-biting, hearth-throbbing activities scattered throughout the province (don't worry, some are close to Vancouver).

These excursions will really get the blood pumping, and have the potential to build a strong, loving relationship as you and your special someone risk life and limb for the sake of utter pleasure and exhilaration.

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