dive bar

Going out on a Friday night doesn't always have to be a difficult task where you spend over three hours doing your hair and makeup, only to head down to the same King St. club you normally go to.

If you're feeling for a casual and fun night on the town to get wasted with your girlfriends, then a dive bar is the spot to go. With grungy and basement-like atmospheres, pub fare and cheap drinks, the only dress code at these bars are your oldest pair of blue jeans.

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Imagine no guest list. No sparklers or elitism. Just good times, good drinks and most importantly - incredible snacks. 

The Libertine is launching a brand new accompaniment to your favourite liquors - amazing imported snacks and alcohols. From Pocky sticks and Flaming Hot Cheetos to Fourth of July Oreos and Trix. The bar's also offering up unexpected, but welcome chasers, like Arizona Iced Tea and limited edition pop-favourites. 

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Any Toronto Native knows that there are millions of spots in the city that give it its great nightlife reputation. Any Toronto native also knows that these select spots are a strict tourist-free zone.

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