dog festival

It sometimes seems like something new is happening every other week in the Sunshine State and hey, we aren't complaining. It gives us an excuse to get out and do something, but it always stinks when you have multiple fests happening on the same day in different places and we can't manage to hit them all. Thankfully we'll be able to hit up multiple free festivals near Miami, and all in one place.

The Miami Coral Gables Art Fest comes back for a 6th year, looping in 6 additional festivals all centralized in downtown Coral Gables. Whether you want to get your booze & bite on, take your furbaby to a pet fest, admire art, or do something fun with your kids, you'll be able to do it all at the fest they're calling "The Big One".

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Calling all dog lovers. Yes, there is a festival completely dedicated to dogs and we are living for it. 

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