Sorry, Barenaked Ladies, but you'll need to win a whole lot more than a million dollars to feel rich here. For those of you looking for a starter home in Vancouver, the prices might shock you. Even for well over a $1,000,000, the reality is, you are looking at basic houses.

When searching for options, buying somewhere to live is next to impossible on a starter salary. Even if you look outside of the bustling city centre and head into the suburbs, prices remain sky-high.

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Trouver 20 $ sur le trottoir, dénicher un petit billet de 5 $ dans un vieux manteau ou bien gagner quelques dollars avec un gratteux reçu en cadeau : c'est tout autant de petits plaisirs qui font une bonne anecdote. Mais derrière certains gagnants de loterie, encore plus chanceux ceux-là, se cachent des histoires vraiment incroyables.

Certains prennent le même numéro depuis des dizaines d'années. D'autres laissent la machine choisir à leur place. À la loto, chacun sa technique et aucune recette infaillible.

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Toronto is an expensive city and it can have you broke in no time if you're not smart with your money. The average cost for dinner for 2 is $70.00 , $13.00 for a movie and approximately $15.00 for a bottle of wine.

How is one to survive and have savings with all these prices? In order to help you keep some of your money safe, I've created a list of 8 ways that will cut your spendings in half in Toronto:

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