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There are so many classic Canadian snacks, food and drinks that you really need to try if you want to call yourself a true canuck!

Canada is home to a lot of unique food and drinks including some you're probably already familiar with like poutine and butter tarts but also some lesser-known ones that you've never heard of before like flapper pie and the Caribou drink.

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On Saturday, June 3rd the 3rd Annual Halifax Donair Crawl will be taking place from 2pm to 4pm in support of the IWK Foundation and all the amazing work they do for women and youth in Halifax!  Starting at King of Donair, Haligonians will have the chance to eat their way through our city, making stops at Freeman’s, Relish and Sweethereafter while enjoying a variety of Donair related dishes. 

Try Donair Pizza, Donair Kettle Corn, Donair Cheesecake and more at the ten stops listed in this year’s crawl, with all purchases benefitting an awesome cause.  Below we’ve included a full list of all the spots that will be participating in the 3rd Annual Halifax Donair Crawl and the kind of awesome, creative donair interpretations they’ll be serving.  Check your options out below, and learn more by clicking on the event page here.

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Whether you’re a Froshie moving out of residence or just finishing up your masters, you know you’ve heard the same irritating things from family, friends, and roommates about studying in Halifax. Whether it’s something about the weather, a night of drinking or even what you’re studying, there’s always something you constantly get asked or told as a student living in Halifax.

Below is a list of actual quotes that have been said to me while studying in Halifax, and I don't doubt you've heard many of them before as well!

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People come to Halifax to a variety of reasons: some come to get a post secondary education, some for the vibrant music scene, while others come simply to breathe in that fresh ocean air. However, one of Halifax’s main attractions is its unique and delicious maritime cuisine. Located right on the coast of the Atlantic Ocean, Halifax offers some of the freshest seafood around, but we also boast a few local delicacies that might seem a little unexpected.

Whether you love shellfish or you’re more of a junk-food junkie, this city has something for you. To get the most out of your Halifax culinary experience, check out the list below to find out what the locals live off of, and where to get the best of it.

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Wherever you find yourself travelling – whether it be to Montreal or Toronto – the new friends you make will always be excited to meet a maritimer.  Your enthusiastic stories about small town life near the sea will doubtlessly be received by laughter and exclamations of “I can’t wait to visit.”

After conducting some in depth autobiographical research, we put together a short list of hilarious small town experiences that make growing up in rural Nova Scotia awesome!

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