Sometimes guys send completely useless, annoying and frustrating text messages to Toronto girls without even realizing it. There are certain words and phrases that one should avoid using if you want to keep up with a girl from the 6ix.

Has the girl you been texting becoming short with you? Or does she think you're a complete psychopath? Perhaps it's your word choice via text that is scaring her away. Here is a list of texts you should never send to a Toronto girl:

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There are certain words that must be left unsaid, especially when it comes to getting frisky in the bedroom. Gentlemen, I understand things can escalate very quickly and it's hard to contain your excitement, but you have to have a filter when it comes to speaking  your mind.

I would like to confront you about some big no no's that come frequently come out of your mouth.  They can end up being a serious turn off, lead to an unnecessary argument and make your lady vanish into thin air. Stay away from the following expressions as far as you can and get them out of your head:

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