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Like it or not, phones are an essential part of our wellbeing and apps play a major role. When we’re down in the dumps about something – no matter how small or significant – what do we do? We grab our phones! 

We often go for the usual suspects: Instagram to DM our friends, Spotify to play some mood-boosting music, Pinterest to look up comfort food recipes. 

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As the country’s case count continues to climb, Justin Trudeau is urging everybody to download Canada’s COVID-19 Alert App. 

In a tweet on Sunday, November 22, the prime minister acknowledged that his advice was getting repetitive, but added, “bear with me - it’s important.”

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Trudeau needs the entire country to get on board with the National COVID-19 tracing app

In a public address on Friday, November 20, Justin Trudeau talked in length about the ongoing strain of the pandemic, especially now in the second wave, on our frontline workers.

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Canadian rock band Arkells has shared some advice about COVID-19 in Canada with their fans, and it seems the prime minister approves!

In a TikTok video reposted on Twitter, Arkells frontman Max Kerman can be seen urging Canadians to wear a mask, follow public health advice and to download the COVID-19 alert app.

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Your dreams of becoming a real Pokémon Master are about to come true.

Pokémon Go was just launched in Canada so now you really can catch them all...on your Iphone or Android phone. Download it today on the Apple Store or Google Play Store!

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