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C'est dans une pharmacie Uniprix à Saint-Eustache, le 19 avril, que le Dr Horacio Arruda s'est fait vacciner contre la COVID-19

Après avoir reçu sa première dose du vaccin Moderna, le pharmacien a donné au directeur national de santé publique un pansement de super-héros, en clin d'oeil au fait qu'il a été un « héro » durant les derniers mois.

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An Ontario doctor is sounding the alarm on the situation inside Toronto ICUs right now, claiming that the province is "in trouble."

Dr. Alex Patel, an ICU doctor practicing at William Osler Health System, shared his experience in Toronto ICUs during the third wave with Narcity as well as social media.

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Canada is seeing some worrying trends when it comes to COVID-19 virus variant cases, according to the country's top doctor. 

In a press conference on April 9, Dr. Theresa Tam revealed that the number of variant of concern cases reported has more than doubled in the last week. 

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Some of the province's top doctors want Ontario's stay-at-home order to return.

Ontario recently started a province-wide shutdown, but several Medical Officers of Health recently wrote a letter to the province saying that "stronger measures are required." 

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Dr. Peter Juni, the scientific director of the Ontario COVID-19 Science Advisory Table, says that the pandemic is now "completely out of control" within the province.

Speaking with Narcity over the phone, Juni said that in order to avoid exponential growth in cases and hospitalizations, the province would need to implement a lockdown harder than we've previously endured, but only for a few weeks, much like British Columbia's newly announced "circuit-breaker."

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