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It's never a bad week when you can end it with a meteor shower — especially when it's a super easy one to watch.

The Draconid meteor shower is already underway and it's expected to peak right around dusk on Friday, according to the pros at EarthSky

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Have you ever trekked out to an open field or visited an observatory for a night of stargazing? No? Now might just be the perfect time because an incredible meteor shower is passing over Texas in October and it's going to be very visible.

According to Space, the Draconid meteor shower will be peaking on the night of Wednesday, October 8 until the early morning of Thursday, October 9. You may be asking yourself, what the heck is a Draconid meteor shower? It's a shower of shooting stars that are modest in appearance and reported to give off 40-50 flares per hour. However, in 1933 some scientists were lucky enough to see 400-500 in an hour, so let's just say anything is possible. 

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