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Our basketball fam is officially growing. There are two new Toronto Raptors to love after yesterday's NBA Draft, and here's what you need to know about them.

22-year-old Malachi Flynn was the first draft. Flynn was playing for San Diego State University before the Raptors scooped him up. 

According to Sportsnet, Flynn hails from Tacoma, Washington, and is the youngest of seven children. Looks like he already knows how to be a team player!

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God love'em, The Toronto Maple Leafs are deemed the 3rd most valuable franchise in the NHL. Toronto sports fans are incredibly loyal and back the team each year, despite their unfortunate losing-streak reputation.

However, there is one advantage of being 'worst' in the league when it comes to hockey - is that you're about to get the first round draft pick. A chance to pick the "best" player eligible for the draft this year.

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