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After a long week, there is nothing better than getting off work on Friday! So do not waste your weekend with your feet up on the table, get out there Toronto. Go learn something new, try a new drink or just clean your apartment. No one likes wasting their time.

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Live music connects people in a way that you almost can't explain. When else do you find people literally throwing their hands up in the air because they're so overcome with excitement? It's the mysterious connection that comes with those sound waves that makes even the most introverted yell, "this is MY JAM" while getting their groove on with strangers in ways no one really thought was possible. And here we face the modern day struggle, why do concerts have to be so expensive?! One night alone at the famed ACC or Rogers Centre can easily cost you upwards of 150 dollars for seats that will still leave you squinting just to see your icon.

There's no denying the rise in the Toronto music scene either, anywhere from pop superstars to underground indie artists either finding their start or are stopping to check out the 6ix. And as Torontonian's and HUMANS we have a right to see them so we can also throw our hands up like the freaks we are and yell "I LOVE YOU" to strangers (and the music will provide a justifiable excuse for something we'd usually pull out at wildflower anyways). Long story short? We love music and shouldn't have to pay so much to see some dope acts live. Here are some amazing live music events that won't leave you with an empty wallet.

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Have ever found yourself sitting on a bar stool sipping your 10 dollars watered down vodka-cran just thinking about how long you have to stay until it would be socially acceptable to leave so you can retreat to the comforts of Netflix? We have.The bar scene in Toronto, though absurd, can get kind of boring sometimes.But we're not ones for just settling for a night in when we're craving a night out, there's better options out there.

We're living in a city where we consider a city consoler rapping with a pop sensation (yo yo drake and norm) to be normal, so why should we settle for a less than average bar scene when this city has so much more to offer us. Basically? You're not basic, and these night outs aren't either.

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Let be honest, we all love to have a drink. Some of us like to get sh*t-faced, while others take their time and **enjoy** a beverage. Why not have a fab cocktail? (virgins can be tasty too?)

Toronto stands high on an international scale for having the best drinking establishments. Our  five-star mixologists work magic - they create lip-smacking cocktails. Save the vodka soda for a ‘let's get wasted’ night and try one of these Toronto’s must-have cocktails:

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Holy shit, how is it December already? I swear it was Halloween just last week. The weather has barely touched the negatives and there's been like two days of snow, it just doesn't feel like the holidays. But it's no matter, because we're still gonna get #turnt on eggnog and candy canes (sugar high, my friends).

It's almost the end of 2015 and you should make the most of the days we have left of it. Make sure to do everything on this list before the ~New Year~ comes along. 2015 was great, but 2016 will be even better.

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