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Some people might say they can recognize their partner anywhere, but this TikToker is so good she should probably join the FBI.

TikTok user @jeddamindtricks says she caught her boyfriend cheating on her by spotting him in another girl's Instagram photo. But she didn't see his face; all she needed to see was his thumb.

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We've all had terrible roommate experiences, but this TikToker's story might be the messiest.

TikTok user Asa Volts recently took to the app to rant about her roommates, who apparently sent her a Venmo payment request for a few slices of pizza she ate four months ago.

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Musician Yumi Nu doesn't need Jordan Peterson to say her Sports Illustrated Swimsuit cover is beautiful — and she's more than happy to declare victory after his tweet about her blew up in his face.

The Canadian psychologist declared Nu's cover to be "not beautiful" earlier this week, prompting her fans to shred him on Twitter. He even announced that he'd be getting off the platform, although that didn't quite come true.

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Netflix will drop the fifth season of Selling Sunset later this month, and it's coming in hot with all the juicy details on Chrishell and Jason's workplace romance.

The real estate reality TV show released its first trailer ahead of the April 22 premiere, and the teaser promises to dive into the long-simmering relationship between Chrishell Stause and her boss, Jason Oppenheim.

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Si tu as déjà fait le tour de Netflix et que tu cherches quoi faire de tes soirées de binge watching, tout n'est pas perdu puisqu'on sait maintenant quelles sont toutes les nouveautés qui débarquent sur Netflix en mai 2021.

Tu en trouveras pour tous les goûts parmi la nouvelle sélection de films et de séries disponibles, en passant par l'horreur, la comédie, le suspense, la romance et bien plus.

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