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Everybody’s got a go-to bevvy that gets them through the ups and downs of the day. Staying hydrated is super important, and if you’re into enhanced water that’s both delicious and nutritious, you’re probably already familiar with vitaminwater.

The brand boasts an array of flavours, each featuring different vitamins or nutrients. You can choose from 13 delicious varieties, each one catering to different needs depending on which vitamins or minerals they contain.

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From the dramatic cliffsides of the Amalfi Coast to the patchwork of vineyards that line the Tuscan countryside, Italy has become the place to visit over the last few years. However, with travel restrictions across the country, we can't marvel at the Colosseum in person, take a gondola ride through the narrow canals of Venice or eat mouthfuls of fresh pasta al dente in Rome. 

But just because you can’t go to Italy right now, doesn’t mean that a little Italy can’t come to you. There are tons of ways to make your apartment the ultimate Italian vacation destination — from mastering the art of aperitivo to turning your outdoor space into your very own Roman piazza — even if you're not actually leaving home. 

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It is time to switch up your regular latte order. We gathered up the best secret Starbucks drinks that not only will give you a caffeine boost but are eye-catching, too.

There are so many thirst-quenching drinks going viral on TikTok. But you won't find any of them on the regular menu.

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After four long years, Mcdonald's has decided to bring back a fan favorite drink item.

Starting this year, select McDonald's nationwide will once again be carrying HI-C Orange Lavaburst, allowing those who once regularly got the beverage to get a sweet nostalgic sip.

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Getting your daily caffeine fix is about to get so much cheaper. We are sharing Starbucks Canada secrets that will help you save big on your next coffee run.

If getting a grande latte or cold brew is how your daily ritual, this list is for you. We are sharing all the details on how to save on your favourite Frappuccinos and earn free drinks twice as fast.

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