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What if you could enjoy a boozy night out with your friends and then wake up chipper and ready for brunch the next morning, without paying the price of a hangover?

A new "pre-drinking pill" called Myrkl promises to help make that dream a reality by breaking down the alcohol in your system over the course of a night of drinking. The pill supposedly spares you from the alcohol remnants that give you a hangover in the first place, allowing you to carry on headache-free the next day.

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Dallas has a lot of bars and breweries but none have hosted an event as cute as this. On Sunday, May 19th, Renos Chop Shop is teaming up with Goat Hill Pets to bring you Tipsy Goat.

From noon to 6 p.m. you will be able to enjoy the venue's beers and snacks while cuddling up to the cutest baby goats. When you enter, you will be given goat food to ensure they come up and play with you. If you happen to fall in love with any one of these cuties, you can buy a baby goat on the spot for $150.

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Maybe you're at that point in your life where you're over clubbing, but still want to enjoy a night out with friends. Just because you're getting older, doesn't mean that your crazy Friday nights have to end; you can just keep them more lowkey at one of Calgary's best bars.

The bar scene in Calgary is actually pretty incredible, and not only Downtown, like a lot of people think. If you're looking to enjoy some drinks in your own hood, we've got just the list for you:

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Chances are good that you've waited your whole life for this moment: your first year of university. Expectations are obviously high, based on all the crazy stories you've heard, and what you've seen on shows like Blue Mountain State. 

This is one part of your life that you'll never get to relive, so make sure you take full advantage of every opportunity handed to you. Study hard, obviously, but make sure you treat yourself and make a lot of memories. We've compiled an awesome, crazy list of things you HAVE to do this year. How many can you cross off?

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We all love a good night out. Getting into a cool outfit, hanging out with your best buds and having a great night. But sometimes going out can get kid of boring. The night lingers a little bit, not much is going on and you've run out of things to say or do. 

If you get bored super easily and are always looking for something new and exciting to do, this is the list for you. Here's a list of places to go out if you HATE being bored:

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