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If you've ever felt guilty about getting two or three driving tickets in Toronto in a short amount of time, just know that it can always be worse.

Toronto Police arrested and charged a driver on Thursday, April 1, after 10 days of run-ins with the cops that resulted in an incredible 28 tickets.

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An Ontario driver is "lucky to be alive" after a flying tire smashed into her windshield on Tuesday. 

The OPP reported that the incident, which took place on Highway 401 westbound, occurred after a wheel separated from a car travelling in the opposite direction.

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We're not sure what exactly is happening in this video of a Toronto dump truck and a Mini Cooper, but we're pretty sure it's not allowed.

And Toronto Police agree, seeing as they've reportedly charged the driver of the dump truck after an incident between the two vehicles took place on Tuesday, March 23.

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If you're looking for a new Ontario job but don't have tons of experience under your belt, you don't need to settle for minimum wage. 

These amazing positions are up for grabs and don't even require a high school diploma. 

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West Vancouver Police responded to a collision that resulted from a B.C. drifting stunt on Wednesday, March 10. 

"When the driver of a 2018 BMW 440i sedan thought he’d impress his friends by “drifting” through a hairpin turn on Cypress Bowl Road yesterday, he likely didn’t expect that it would result in a trip to the hospital and a $368.00 fine," wrote the police department

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