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Calling all meat-loving foodies! Are you ready for a challenge? See if you can eat your way through all the most flavourful chicken wings across Toronto and the GTA! Whether it's your run-of-the-mill honey garlic wings or the hottest of the hot suicide wings, you'll be spoiled for choice with our list of recommendations below.

Good luck, and don't forget to hashtag #NarcityToronto on your Instagram photos if you can manage to snap a shot of your food before digging in - we love seeing them!

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Vancouver foodies, this place needs to be on your radar.

You know that craving when you want something good and delicious, and not necessarily fast food from the drive-thru, but still hits-the-spot-totally-indulgent food? Maybe, like me, you used to go on family picnics to Jericho with a huge bucket of KFC and you're wanting some finger-lickin' good nostalgia, or maybe adulting is just too hard today and you need some chicken strips to ease the struggle.

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Let's be real, everyone has had those nights where the thought of drunk food is the only reason you got out of bed and away from Netflix.  There is something about a grease covered pizza, or a soggy poutine that makes every drunken decision okay.  Who cares that you fell down the stairs leaving the club?  You're about to devour a late night burrito, and you won't bruise until the next morning!

When it comes to drunk food every school has their signature go-to.  This is a list of quality drunk food sorted by Ontario University.  Once September rolls around make sure to try out a few of these places. Calories don't count when you're drunk, right?

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It's past last-call at the bar you're at, and suddenly you realize that you're starving. If you're like me, you prefer not to eat street meat on the curb while you wait sadly for your very late Uber.

Luckily, you live in Toronto and there are several late night diners that will be waiting for you after your night out. Check them out below.

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Photo cred - Niimkii Photography

McDonalds? Seriously? C’mon guys let’s be a bit more high browed than that shall we?

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