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En début de semaine j'ai écrit un article sur 11 vols à moins de 500$ dont tu serais fou de te passer en juin. J'étais si excitée parce que 500$ pour des billets d'avion, c'est presque donné.

Du moins, je pensais ça jusqu'à ce que je tombe sur des billets d'avion à 75$. Oui, oui. J'te jure : des billets d'avion vers l'Europe pour juste 75$!!!

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Everyone needs to get off the island from time to time. There's nothing like an awesome vaycay to cure all your woes. A bit of sun can be a real treat for Newfoundlanders during the long winter months. Sometimes it's cheaper to fly abroad than it is to fly across Canada. So why break the bank when you don't have to? There are plenty of flights leaving from right here in St. John's that you need to hop on!

Pack your bags! It's time to hit the beach and soak up the sun. Maybe see a few shows and or concerts. Or even enjoy some new scenery with some breathtaking landscapes. Let this guide help you choose the best destination and you're ready for take off!

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I can't afford to travel.” Says the guy who's eating McDonald's and buying two pitchers of Coors every Friday night. Anyway.

When you see people travelling on Facebook you're probably wondering where they got all the money from. Probably from their parents. Maybe they just brought their credit card. They probably robbed a bank, let's be real.

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Wanderlust is one of those feeling that when it tends to hit, it hits hard, espcially in your young and wild twenties. And because we're in the generation that tends to get distracted every other second, chances are when you get a case of wanderlust you drop everything and head straight to the internet for your next vacation.

But where to go? Incase you're unaware, the world is not only amazing, but it's also fvcking huge. There's so many unreal options to explore that sometimes it gets overwhelming. And with summer bringing in a new wave of travellers on your feed, each option seems better than the last. Do I go to South East Asia? Explore castles in France? Pull a sound of music and sing the hills are alive via mountain range? WHAT TO DO!?

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We love the 6ix and we'll be the first to deny anyone who accuses us of not listening to Drake's new album, but that doesn't mean sometimes we need all need to get out of the city. Haven't you ever dreamt of waking up one morning in one time zone and going to bed in a different one? It's that romantic idea that you're going to jump on a plane and live your dreams! How spontaneous! How millennial! But how come this rose tinted fantasy is so f*cking expensive?!

We've found the cheapest flights out of Toronto to all those places you can fulfill your wanderlust dream. So go! Take some Instagrams, be adventurous. If you're looking for a sign to travel, not saying this is it but not saying it's not.

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