Pour la bonne cause de l'article, je me suis retrouvé au traditionnel Foufounes Électriques hier. Je ne suis pas normalement le genre de personne à m'aventurer aux Foufs un jeudi ou un mardi, mais j'étais étrangement intéressé par qui, en fait, va encore là de nos jours.

Je me suis donc assis, une bière et une cigarette à la main, pour observer les gens qui fréquentent l'établissement et prendre quelques notes.

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You've likely heard many a debate over whether or not girls and guys can be just friends. The truth is, it has its challenges, ups and downs, but what good relationship in your life doesn't come with some sort of work? The old saying that 'nothing worth having comes easy' can be applied here.

It's true, it can sometimes be a bit more difficult than same-sex friendships. Maybe he starts dating a new girl who seems intimidated by the friendship and/or won't let you guys hang out anymore. Regardless, having guys in your close circle of trusted confidants can be incredibly eye-opening and quite refreshing. Here are some of the most valuable life lessons you learn from the special dudes in your life.

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