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People in B.C. made quite a few ridiculous 911 calls in 2022, and it's safe to say they probably can't be considered emergencies.

Between actual emergencies like wolves escaping from a local zoo and wildfires, some of the 911 phone calls made in the province last year were totally outrageous.

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A list of ridiculous 911 calls in B.C. has just surfaced and it's being called the "top 10 reasons not to call 911" of 2020. 

E-Comm, the operator that handles 99% of B.C.'s 911 calls shared the list with Narcity and it's a seriously wild ride. 

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B.C. 911 operators have had their hands full with reports of people breaking COVID-19 rules and they say these calls need to stop. 

A spokesperson for E-Comm, a dispatcher in British Columbia, told Narcity in an email that the company is seeing an influx in calls related to COVID-19. 

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