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There's so much to love about living on the east side of the Rideau River. For one: My house is only 10 minutes from Fritomania. No, but seriously, some of the most scenic parts of our city and the best restaurants in our nation's capital are around here.

There's a reason why our prime ministers have lived on this side of the city and why some of the most beautiful pictures on Instagram are taken here. There's the luxury houses in Rockcliffe Park, the sandy beaches of Petrie Island and, again: Fritomania.

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Saying goodbye to a restaurant is like saying goodbye to an old friend. Sometimes, it's almost welcomed. They may not have treated you right, stole your man etc. But other times you find yourself missing their warm embrace, the way they smell - ugh! I feel a bad romance novel in the works. But you feel us. Over the years Toronto has had to say goodbye to some unreal culinary spots.

One of the highlights of living in Toronto though? The fact that the saying, when one door closes another opens, can be taken very literally in the six. Restaruants are opening every single day it seems, but you can't just replace your favourite so easily! Not when it meant so much! So what is a foodie to do?

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It sometimes feels like the west end of Toronto gets all of the credit. Sure, they've got Queen West shopping, Trinity Bellwoods, and King West partying. But I think it's time that the east end got some attention. We have greek food, Riverdale Park, and a bunch of fun pubs, among tons of other things to do. Plus, the east end is constantly evolving. Over the years, we've seen hip restaurants like Pizzeria Libretto and Globe Bistro pop up and have watched the Danforth Music Hall become one of the coolest venues to catch live music in the city.

There's also a distinct way of life in the east end that those west of Broadview just don't get. We're more laid-back and life seems to move at a slower pace here, which is just the way we like it. Best of all, we don't deal with the crowds and chaos of downtown Toronto. There's always that little sense of relief when you're crossing back over the Bloor Viaduct to the more peaceful Danforth.

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If you're a self-proclaimed veteran of the Christmas Market, you're probably looking for the next more festive place to visit in the city this holiday season.  Well, you're in luck.  Toronto is stepping up its holiday cheer once again, by opening up a winter village at Evergreen Brickworks.

It's no surprise that Evergreen Brickworks would be home to one of Toronto's first winter village, considering it is already full of amazing greenery and the cutest vendors.  The winter village will be opening Saturday December 10th, and the best part is....Admission is free!

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If you're anything like me then you probably spend way too much of your paycheque on food. Whether it be drunk munchies, or a quick breakfast before work they tend to add up.

If you're looking to spend a little less money, but aren't interested in sacrificing taste, check out some awesome cheap eats Toronto has to offer.

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