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Ah that Queen East life. I personally think it’s one of the most underrated areas of Toronto. The houses are gorgeous. The beach boardwalk is awesome. And Queen East is lined with the cutest little shops. It’s probably one of the cutest neighbourhoods in Toronto and nobody knows it. The reason for it is because the Beaches and the people who live there have a pretty bad rep. And as great as the place is, I do have to agree with some of their complaints.

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Photo cred - Sean_Marshall

As someone who lives and does most of their partying on the West side, I have a lot of love for this part of town. Most 20-somethings in this city feel the same way, but know next to nothing about the East side. This is completely unfair. There's a ton of dope shit going on East of Yonge Street, and I'm not talking about your little brother's middle school soccer game. The East side has more than its share of bars, food, cafes, and other fun things just waiting for you to check them out. So, get on that.

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