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Why go to Mexico when you can find clear blue water in Texas? These seven unique spots across the state offer the perfect place to go swimming and cool down from the scorching southern sun.

Texas is a huge state full of many different hidden gems — from a Blue Lagoon to the white sand beaches and coastal waters of the Gulf Coast.

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The leaves are (very slowly) starting to change color and with that, the glorious cooler weather comes into play. What better way to enjoy this cooler weather than to get outside and discover all the beautiful sights Texas has to offer. Tyler State Park in Tyler, Texas has amazing views and tons of trails to hike.

The park has a $6 daily entry fee for all its adult guests. From a 64-acre spring-fed lake that visitors can canoe on to 13 miles of trails in the pinewoods that will transport you to a foresty wonderland, this park will keep you entertained for hours. You'll also find benches scattered around the woods so you can really immerse yourself into the nature around you. Did we mention, you can even go boating!

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Ziplining is an amazing experience if you're looking for adventure. Whether you go as a group or for a date, there is something very thrilling about flying through the air that'll get your heart beating. Thomas Falls Zipline and Outdoor Adventure Center lets you have an amazing treetop adventure just like that and it's only right here in Diana, Texas.

Tickets for this fun course start at only $39 per person, which is a bargain considering it is cheaper than many zip courses, lets you fly at 900 feet above the ground, and you don't have to travel too far for it. Their zipline lets you soar over water and takes you at a stretch of 600 feet. They also have Texas' first-ever Twin Zipline Plunge that lets you zip straight into the water. Please note that the price might change based on what you choose.

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