eat out

When you hear the term "Let's get out of the city" maybe you think Whistler... possibly even Tofino... but not often do you picture yourself sticking Surrey in the ol' GPS.  Well I'm here to tell you that Surrey is actually home to a plethora of unbelievable culinary destinations.

From incredible sushi, to some of the best Indian food on the west coast the options are endless so hopefully your apatite is as well.

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After I moved downtown, I ventured within a 5 mile radius of my apartment to establish a solid list of go-to takeout spots. This concrete-jungle-hermit-shell of food joints allows me to get Greek, pizza, Portuguese chicken (and a dozen other things) without walking for more than 10 minutes. The servers at my designated sushi spot have started to irritably recognise my voice over the phone when I order my usual: sushi special with two dynamite, 1 chicken roll.

One of the best parts about living in a city as culturally diverse as Vancouver is the abundance of delicious food from all over the world. But even though almost everything is available right within the downtown core, there are still areas that unquestionably have their specialties.

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