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During her fall economic statement on Monday, Finance Minister Chrystia Freeland unveiled plans for a number of new COVID-19 supports for Canadians.

Announcing the details on November 30, Freeland revealed that the government intends to spend up to $100 billion over the next three years, in an effort to kick-start an economic recovery post-pandemic.

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Want to hide from Canada's brutal winter? Escape the COVID-19 spike in the country? Or simply tired of working from home? Well, another country might just have a solution for you.

Greece is the latest spot to offer up its sandy beaches and blue watered islands to foreigners who work from home. All in an exchange for helping their economy get back on its feet.

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Now Justin Trudeau's "reset" comment from back in September has led a Conservative MP to start a petition going against what he said.

MP Pierre Poilievre shared his petition to "STOP THE GREAT RESET" on Twitter on November 17, almost two months after the Prime Minister made spoke about it.

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Canadians are watching their neighbour to the south with anticipation. The 2020 U.S. presidential election may be one of the most important ones in the country's history. However, no matter who ends up in the White House, Canada's economy may face some setbacks.

Whether the winner is former vice president Joe Biden or the incumbent president, Donald Trump, the economic policies of either candidate will have an international impact.

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Low oil prices have been hurting Alberta's economy for a while now and on Friday, October 2 Suncor Energy announced 2000 layoffs that will be happening over the next year and a half.

Jason Kenney addressed the "very disturbing announcement" at a press conference, saying that the issue needs to be taken more seriously by Ottawa.

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