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If you thought Edmonton couldn't get any more epic, well it is! You seriously don't even need to leave for a vacation this summer with so much going on. Canada's greatest (and only) attractions are here and some are brand spankin' new!

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Oh the joys of being in your 20's. It the most important years of our lives for it allows to explore our options and figure out who we are as individuals. We make mistakes, we learn them and move on from them. We fall in and out of love. We encounter some good people, and some bad ones. Our 20's are supposed to be filled with adventures and doing the unexpected.

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Oh the struggle is real! Even though working at Southgate mall has its perks: being around cute clothes, attractive customers, getting that hard-earned commission, and that employee discounts; there are still some downsides to the retail life. In no way are we trying to sound like a Negative Nancy, but come on, this is reality for crying out loud!

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University: the place you go to further your education, attain more knowledge and make new friends along the way. Edmonton is home to many great universities, but we chose to focus on the University of Alberta for this particular list. It is the largest university campus in Edmonton so odds are you or some people you know may just be enrolled there.

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We know what most of you are assuming, if Edmonton is going to win any mall awards it must be for one (not so secret) place. However, we're here to tell you that it’s not the shopping mall you’re thinking of with the waterpark, theme park, hotel, and movie theatre crammed inside. Because believe us, we thought the same thing.

According to a study completed by the Retail Council of Canada (RCC), Southgate shopping mall in Edmonton was among the best shopping centers in Canada alongside Toronto and Vancouver. You would think that Edmonton’s own West Edmonton Mall would take the cake on this one, but it came in 29th place with $777 in sales per square foot whereas Southgate racked up $1,155 in sales per square foot.

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