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Off The Top: Canadian lounge lizard Michael Bublé recently got inked to honour his fourth and youngest child, daughter Cielo. Somewhat alarmingly, the 47-year-old crooner declared that he's got room on his body for six additional tattoos of the child-honouring variety, dramatically increasing the likelihood that the Bublé family eventually joins Nick Cannon's family through marriage.

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Contract negations between the Ontario government and the province's 55,000 education workers remain at a stalemate — but it seems one side has lost its patience.

The Ford government is set to introduce back-to-work legislation Monday that will keep these custodians, educational assistants, and admin staff from going on strike and force them back on the job with a new contract they haven't agreed to.

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The Ontario government has officially announced that those working in some health care and education settings across the province will now need to be fully vaccinated or will need to be tested on a regular basis.

In a press conference, Dr. Kieran Moore, chief medical officer of health, announced that COVID-19 vaccine policies will be mandatory in multiple settings.

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